About phatstak

Phatstak is an A3 storage album with large capacity sleeves for a wide variety of uses from nursery picture storage, keepsakes and memorabilia, life story book, photo album or greetings card storage. Choose from a wide range of designs, which we are constatly updating and expanding. Whichever you choose you’ll find it an invaluable storage solution.

Each phatstak has a strong greyboard cover front and back. The front cover has a plastic layer to which a machine cut design is applied. The design can be personalised with a name, date or short message(at additional cost).

We provide the option to have either, plain white card(285gsm), elasticated greyboard or a combination or both as inner pages.

The whole book is bound using a large, coloured plastic coil.

The unique feature of phatstak is the use of elastic on the greyboard pages. This enables multiple sheets of paper, card and photos to be held in place quickly and easily.

phatstak inside


Nursery storage

Keeping your children’s drawings, collages and creative items together can be a bit of a chore, as there seems to be so much in the early years to keep in just one place. Phatstak can fit an entire year of pictures in one book for you to look at at you leisure, it’s A3 size means you don’t have to compromise, everything is safe and sound and it’s size fits easily on most book shelves.

Family tree

Phatstak’s A3 size is perfect for storing larger format documents, diagrams and charts such as a family tree. Keep all your research and supporting documents and photographs in a single place.

Life story book

Many young people benefit from having somewhere to keep their treasured items and memories of special events in their lives.  A phatstak life story book or memory book can be filled with photos, tickets, letters, certificates, drawings, family trees and greetings cards

Life story work is especially important to looked after children.

Greetings card storage

The elasticated greyboard pages are perfect for stuffing full of greetings cards!

Events and occasions

We have a range of designs suited to most events and occasions. Phatstak can provide a tasteful storage solution for sympathy cards or an alternative to a traditional wedding photo album.

Student projects

Whatever you’re studying, phatstak can be a practical way to present course work or projects, as the design relies on stacking up the information within, the reader has to interact with the information and therefore your work will be memorable.


Other uses for for phatstak include traveller, music fan, recipe collections, letters, poems… infact phatstak can be unique to its creator’s particular interests.

Phatstak is the afordable keepsake storage solution.